ACH Funding Instructions

ACH Funding Instructions

You can electronically transfer funds to and from your checking account to your AutoShares account. ACH transfers typically take 24-48 hours to process and are available for no charge. There is a limit of $50,000 per day for all ACH transfers.

* Funding must be initiated from an account with the same name as your AutoShares Brokerage Account. No third party transfers.

Initial ACH Setup Instructions

Setting up your first ACH requires you to complete an initial setup process. The form below is used to set-up ON DEMAND ACH capability for your AutoShares account. Below are set up instructions for completing the ACH On Demand form:

1- Fill in your AutoShares Brokerage Account number (top right)
2- Provide your bank name, account number and routing number (middle right)
3 - Check off "On Demand"  to use AutoShares ACH tools to fund your account (middle left)
4- For checking accounts, you must attach a voided check. If you do not have a check, a letter from the bank indicating your account information is required. The bank must list your account  name, account number, and the routing number to fund your account. The letter must be signed by a bank employee. 
For savings accounts, you can attach a deposit slip or a bank letter with the account name, routing and account number, signed by a bank employee.

To get started, download and complete the:

ACH Authorization Form

Attach a voided check or bank letter to the completed form and send by fax or email to:
[email protected]
800-670-0692 fax
New Accounts Processing
Reference Your Account #
Include ACH Authorization Form and Cancelled Check

* The minimum amount for ACH transfer is $100, incoming or outgoing.
* ACH Relationships cannot be established for UTMA/UGMA accounts.
* In the event that an ACH is reversed by NACHA, a $25 fee will be charged and the account will be asked to send funds via an alternate method (wire, cashier's check, or certified funds). Funds from ACH deposits cannot be withdrawn for a period of 5 business days due to our clearing firm's policy.