Incoming Wire Instructions

Funding By Wire

You may wire funds to your AutoShares account once your account has been approved and you have received your AutoShares Brokerage Account Login.  

All incoming wire transfers must be first party (third-party wires are not accepted) and include your name and AutoShares  Brokerage Account number (if missing, wire will be rejected)

All wired funds are to be sent as follows:

BMO Harris Bank
111 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603

ABA: 071000288F
FFC:: APEX Clearing Corp -  350 N. St. Paul Street Suite 1300 Dallas, TX 75201
Acct# 3713286

FFC: Customer Name and Account Number (Wires Requires Your Name and Account # or wire will be returned)

* Typically the fastest method of funding your account. Wire transfers are usually received the same day that they are sent by your financial institution and will post to your account the day after they are received. * Funds will be returned if the funds are deemed Third Party (defined as any account other than one of the same name as the account title of your account) or if the account is not opened. * Incoming funds can only be sent in U.S. Dollars

(USD$). We do not accept foreign currencies.